Nearby Whitefish Falls  Winter 2008

Welcome to Hilly Acres Camp & Trailer Park

A View From Across the River.....Photo taken by Tim Jessop


We've added to the family yet again!!!!

2 days old  3 days old 

Marly Ann Paradis

August 8, 2009


Blake Robert  Born February 19, 2009  Baby Brother to Haileigh

  Christmas Pic 2007 Happy Birthday  #1  !!!!  Christmas 2008



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New "A" Cabin





Welcome to Hilly Acres Web Page!

We're located in the Bay of Islands on the north shore of Lake Huron.

Besides a warm and friendly atmosphere, the Bay of Islands is home to year round fishing and some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. If you are an outdoors person or you enjoy some good old family fun, Hilly Acres has it all.

Whitefish Falls is the home of trophy size

Season Opens 3rd Saturday in June

Season Opens 3rd Saturday in May (River) May 1st (lake)

Season Opens May 1st

Season Opens 4th Saturday of June

Lake Trout


Hold Your Cursor Over the Fish Name For Season Openings

Your hosts: John and Lisa Bond and Family


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