Nearby Whitefish Falls  Winter 2008

Welcome to Hilly Acres Camp & Trailer Park

A View From Across the River.....Photo taken by Tim Jessop


We've added to the family yet again!!!!

2 days old  3 days old 

Marly Ann Paradis

August 8, 2009


Blake Robert  Born February 19, 2009  Baby Brother to Haileigh

  Christmas Pic 2007 Happy Birthday  #1  !!!!  Christmas 2008



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New "A" Cabin





Fish Caught by our Guests!

A nice bass beside our Welcome sign!  2001

Please click to enlarge.

Jonathan Bond and his catch of the day!! 


   Devin Bond and his nice Pike!!   



    Andrew's 13 1/2 pound Walleye   

 Taryn Bond and a very nice walleye  Dinner anyone??   


  Caleb and Conner   




 Nice Bass!!  54 inch Musky.....caught and released!!   


  Kolbenstetter's Crew Sept 2004  Gary Kolbenstetter 

Nice Fish Huh?




John Gall - Nice Rainbow    Catch n Release......50 inch, 40 lbs Muskie   

 Nice Rainbow!!        Dan Morgan, 13 lbs pike, June  Carl Maerker  Nice Bass!! 



AWESOME FISH  !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mike and Judy Pavlick, August 2006  Aren't they lucky at fishing............?  What A whopper!!  The Goodward Boys (Alex, Jeremy and Dean) 

 Of Course DAD didn't catch any fish!!  Alex Massicotte (Goodward) Sept. 2006  Nice one!!  The "Sargent's" Sept. 2006   As usual, She caught the BIGGEST!!  Chris Trudeau's Crew......Thanksgiving weekend 2006 

Carl and Doug, Oct. 06  Jonathan checking to make sure Carl tells the truth about the weight!!


WHAT A CATCH!!  8 lbs Lake Trout Caught by Ken Barley.  In photo are:  Brian &  Derl McMillan, Kevin & Ken Barkley, Doug Martin, Gary Rivet and Bob Kelly.  14 lbs Lake Trout Caught by Ken Barkley May 5, 07  Jaclyn Groom, WHAT A CATCH!!  13 pounds, May 4, 2007       

Nice Fish!!  Bran Pavlovic Sept 07  She caught MORE fish than Dave, and Bigger!!



Gene and Dave.(Lee was being shy)......Nice Catch caught in the River June 12/08  "Uncle Frank"  Nice Bass!!   Mr. Kolbenstetter July 2008  Kolbenstetters July 2008  Kolbenstetters, July 2008

 Frank and Linda  Frank and Linda July 08  Ethan Kirkham, Age 10, 36" Pike, July 25/08  I catch BIGGER fish than Uncle Brian!!!!!!  and no guide!  Eugene and Evelyn Green, August 2008  Eric and ?, August 2008 

   Mike Pavlick Aug 2008    Judy August 2008  His Fish was BIGGER than Linc's!! 


Richard's First trip here in 50 Years!! Dale's First trip!      PJ's nice catch!!  notice there is no picture of Granpa's fish??   

Eugene  Mike   Rosie's NICE catch   Judy and Molly  Eugene again

Notice there are no pictures of the fish Bran's Hubby caught.......



Bill, Tom and Doug Oct.2010   






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